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Best 7 Easy Growing Houseplants for Beginners

We spend most of our time indoors so it is essential to keep our body and mind healthy. Gardening is a good way to achieve this. The problem for beginners may be the worries about maintenance and survival of plant. If you are a beginner this article will guide you to choose the houseplants that best suit you and needs minimal maintenance . The below mentioned plants are easy to maintain in low light and most of them will grow by themselves pretty much, so there is no need for extreme pampering.

Best 7 Easy Growing Houseplants for Beginners

Aloe Vera

It fits well indoors as houseplant and is the most cost effective plant choice as well . It is found in dry climates and its natural habitat is the desert landscape. It remains shorter when it grows indoors but it’s able to reach up to three feet in height.

Easy Growing Houseplants for Beginners


● The gel can be used for healing the scars.
● Apply generous amount of aloe vera gel for  glowing and smooth skin
● The pant enhances air quality.
● You can apply gel  for moisturizer and to some minor cuts.
● The interior fleshy part is eatable after a proper wash and is loaded with health benefits.

Dracaena Sanders

Dracaena is also known as lucky bamboo. It is easy to care for and is suitable for indoor planting. It grows best in bright light but it can tolerate low light. The plant looks super adorable and will add more charm to your living room.

Beautiful Indoor Plant


● Keeps the environment clean.
● Works as a natural air purifier.
● It brings good fortune to the household.
●  The plant looks good as decoration.
● A must have to increase positive energy


It is almost impossible to kill so it’s easy to grow indoors. It is capable of growing for more than ten feet. You have to dry out pathos between watering. When the growth reaches a certain stage you can re-pot with another container which is larger.

Easy to grow house plant


● It’s a low-maintenance house plant.
●  The plant is easy to propagate
● Helps to purify air in the house
● Pothos is beneficial to remove formaldehyde and other VOCs
● Works to increases humid air. It can protect you from the cold and keep your skin hydrated.

Spider Plant

It is stunning and can help create a native tropical environment. It grows in various types of soil but it likes loose, loamy soil. Spider plants are too sensitive to fluoride and chlorine in the water. Use the groundwater or rainwater for better results.

best plant to remove toxin from air


● Increases the indoor oxygen level.
● Placed in hospital rooms for patients recovering from surgery.
● Spider plants are safe for pets.
● Removes toxins from the air.
● It gives an appealing appearance.

Chinese Evergreen

Cost effective indoor plant

It can easily adapt to most room conditions. It prefers low indirect sunlight and you have to allow the soil to remain dry for a few days. Skip this plant if you have a curious pet in your house because it Chinese evergreen can be quite toxic.

It’s benefits

● It suits the office environment in artificial light.
● Low maintenance and care required.
● A large variety is available so it is easy to pick for a more attractive look.
● You should not experience too many problems in maintenance.
● Great for beginner gardeners.

Peace Lily

It is a hybrid of the Spathiphyllum genus. It blooms in spring with a long-lasting flower. It is a common flower houseplant. It blooms every year. It is advisable to use high-quality potting soil and pot with sufficient drainage.

beautiful indoor plant for living room


● It helps to protect you from harmful vapours.
● It promotes restful sleep so it is beneficial to the person who is suffering from insomnia and poor sleep.
● Perfect to spruce up home decorating.
● It helps prevent mildew formation.
● Wipes out spores from the air.

Prayer Plant

The prayer plant gets its common name ‘Mantra’ from the fact that the leaves stay flat during the day and fold up like praying hands at night. It is famous for tricolour variation.

plants to increase oxygen indoor


● Help you to stay calm and focus.
● It helps you to heal.
● It helps to keep you happy and mindful.
● The leaves produce five ml of oxygen per hour.
● Its beautiful decorative leaves help to give a great look for decoration.

Growing houseplants is a way to create a restful and attractive setting for improving your sense of well being. Growing houseplants is a wonderful hobby that will help to purify the air in your house and it creates a peaceful atmosphere.

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  1. These plants are so easy to grow, easy to propagate and adapts well to almost any indoor setting. GREAT THOUGHTS.

  2. I definitely needed this. I am hopeless with plants and kill a cactus. I will try to get some of these and see how they grow. I like plants and hopefully I can nourish some of these.

  3. I love how beautiful and green these houseplants are. My mother has a thing for gardening and she loves her plants like crazy. I am a lazy bum but I am open to the idea of these easy growing houseplants for sure.

  4. Pothos are my most favourite I have lots of them. But I absolutely loved prayer plant. Will get it for sure.

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