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Finding the right school for their kid is the most important and the hardest job in parenting. Now imagine, if you have to visit multiple schools physically, taking forms from each school then filling it manually with the same details again and again, and to submit that form you need to visit the school again, how tedious it is and that’s where we come up in a picture to help the parents in their school search and their child admission process. It requires a lot of time and energy to visit each school physically and work to identify the right school for a kid. In this modern world everything is becoming digital, hence today it is easy to find the right school for your kid from home.

Why Choose UniApply To Find The Right School
Why Choose UniApply To Find The Right School

UniApply is the online platform that allows parents to find the right school according to their preference. It bridges the gap between the parents and the desired school for their child. It helps the parents to gain knowledge about the schools and the school-related information like the fees and facilities. They have an enhanced and hassle-free user interface for better usage for the parents.
It is a one-stop destination to find the right school for your kid. It allows the parents to access the schools all around them and enables them to have proper access to all information and insights about the schools. Before UniApply, parents have to explore every school manually and have to consult with their friends and colleagues.

Best Features of UniApply

UniApply gives you the one-stop solution wherein you can explore schools, consume the insights of the schools including board, fee’s structure, facilities, etc.

1. Quick Search and Easy Exploring

UniApply gives you the one-stop solution wherein you can explore schools, consume the insights of the schools including board, fee’s structure, facilities, etc.
UniApply allows you to explore different schools around your locality and helps you to find the best among for the betterment of your children. It provides information like the top facilities of the school and the fees structure without any hassle. It gives you access to the insights along with the application dates.

One stop destiantion to find the right school

2. School Comparison

Confused between the 2 schools?? Not to worry!! UniApply gives you the “Compare schools” feature wherein you can compare 2-3 schools intercity or intracity. It allows us to compare between the schools on various parameters and helps you to choose the right option for your kid.

3. Admission Tracker

You can check the admission timeline for the schools, which school is currently accepting the application and which has stopped, to track the admission dates on a real-time basis.

4. Notify Me

UniApply also gives you the reminder for the schools where admissions are yet to begin, Enable the notify me option by clicking on the bell icon present in the detailed page of the school. You will get notified once admissions for this school will start.

5. Single Common Form

It will help you to shortlist the schools according to your preference with a common application form. UniApply application helps you to fill the application for one single time and can submit it to multiple schools as much as you want.

How UniApply works

Finding the right school for your child can be a herculean task, here is how you can simplify the search with UniApply.
To fill the common application, below are the easy steps
1. Log in to UniApply
2. Click on the Profile button
3. Select Common form
4. Select Child
5. Fill Form and Submit.


With UniApply, you can have every information about the schools around and you can have a common form for every school which makes the process easier. It can help you reduce the stress of finding a good institution for your kid.

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