Say No to Rashes with R for Rabbit Feather Diapers

The biggest worry of every mother is diaper rashes, no one wants to experience or put their child through the pain. Choosing a good diaper with excellent absorption is very essential. The diapers must absorb the moisture to the maximum and keep the babies dry all the time. At the same time, it is equally important to check the softness of the diaper that does not cause any rashes to their skin. I came across R for Rabbit feather diaper for my little one and absolutely loved it .

Say No to Rashes with R for Rabbit Feather Diapers

R for rabbit feather diapers is super soft, supple and offers maximum absorbance that will leave your baby’s skin dry and allergic free all day long. The diapers are made of natural products which makes them extremely breathable. I love the fact that these diapers are also economical. The R for Rabbit feather diapers are extremely thin, super light as feathers. Make sure you choose a correct size diaper according to their months. This will prevent the leakage and also make them comfortable for them to wear.

About R for Rabbit Feather Diapers 

R for Rabbit Feather diapers are worth every penny and fabulous for your little bundle of joy. It is suitable for all skin types and even if your baby has extremely sensitive skin you can go for R for Rabbit Feather diapers. Even if the baby is wearing the diaper the whole night they feel incredibly light to wear and sleeps well without any irritation. There comes a disposable tape along with the diaper which makes it easy to dispose unlike other diapers which causes odors. The high waist band support doesn’t cause any discomfort in the waist and it is affluent all the time for the babies.

Say No to Rashes with R for Rabbit Feather Diapers

Why did I choose R for Rabbit Feather Diapers for my kiddo?

R for Rabbit Feather diapers are extremely light and super soft that absorbs the moisture quickly without causing any rashes to the babies.  It is approved by the pediatrician and dermatologist to suggest using R for Rabbit feather diapers which are skin friendly.

Super Soft  

R for Rabbit feather diapers are super soft and ideal for skin types. If your baby has extremely dry skin or sensitive skin then you can choose to wear these feather diapers since they are light in weight and supple. All the components are internationally sourced and have extreme quality that are naturally made without any chemicals.

Excellent Absorption

R for Rabbit feather diapers possess high absorption up to 12 hours which makes the skin without any dampness and hence no rashes or allergy to your babies. The absorption is also high and the liquid evenly spread throughout without forming any lumps.  The feather diapers do not get heavy soon even though they absorb more liquid.

Zero Leakage

R for Rabbit feather diapers are made of pure cotton and naturally made that provides zero leakage when it is wet. The snug and comfy fit diapers are leak proof and provide 12 hours absorption to babies which make them comfortable to wear. The pant style diapers are comfortable to wear and snugly fit too.

Free from Chemicals 

R for Rabbit feather diapers are free from any kind of chemicals such as parabens, Latex free and are naturally made with cotton. They are also free from phthalates and chlorine, hence when used they do not cause any rashes in the skin.  The R for Rabbit feather diapers are fragrance free hence no allergic reactions to the babies. All the natural products are eco-friendly and with millions of pores that makes it breathable.


Dermatological Tests

The dermatological tests are done to ensure that the diapers are anti allergic and they are also proved, approved by the dermatologists. It is skin friendly and chances of rashes are nil. You can opt R for Rabbit feather diapers for a safe and happy baby.


When it comes to baby care, choosing the right diaper is extremely important. Diapers are essentials and a small mistake while choosing the diaper can lead to diaper rashes and itchy skin. R for Rabbit feather diapers are perfect for sensitive baby skin. They are not only super things but also super absorbent. I love the fact that it comes with a tap for easy disposable use

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