Motivating Children to Creatively Express Themselves- What Works and What Doesn’t

How can you motivate your kids to express themselves creatively? This is a conundrum faced by numerous parents. A good idea is to enroll them in online hobby classes such as painting or DIY Crafts or storytelling or other fun hobbies to do online at Yellow Class. This can be a good way to nudge your children towards creatively expressing themselves and letting out their ideas and unique concepts while also giving vent to their artistic skills and desires likewise. Most people make the mistake of assuming that creativity is only inborn and their children will automatically show it or they will not. However, creativity is more of skill than inborn talent and this can be developed with the proper strategies employed by parents.

Motivating Children to Creatively Express Themselves

Creativity is a vital aspect of happiness, health, success and is not just restricted to artistic activities. Creative people are better attuned towards solving problems and it is also vital for social, technical, scientific and emotional intelligence. Here are some tips for

Motivating Children to Creatively Express Themselves- What Works and What Doesn’t

Offer Resources Vital for Creative Expression

The major resource that you have is time. Children require ample time for imaginative and unstructured play routines without adult directives and commercial distractions or additions. Space is another resource; you should not mind any creative mess made by your kid at home. Have a specific place demarcated for them to make any mess as they wish or experiment with their toys. Whenever somebody offers to gift something to your children, ask for things they require like building material, clay, art supplies and the like.

Build the Right Creative Atmosphere at Home

Along with demarcated creative spaces, you should build the right atmosphere and ambiance at home. Do not evaluate ideas brought by your kids. Brainstorm on activities that you can do together, encouraging your children to come up with things that they have not tried before. Encourage your children to make mistakes and experiment and fail if they have to. This will make them independent and avoid curbing creative ideas. Celebrate their expressions of creativity, showcase them wherever possible, share your own passions with the kids too.

Freedom to Explore New Ideas

Do not boss your children around; stop fearing that your kids will make mistakes. Give them ample freedom and full autonomy to explore new ideas even if they seem wild and unattainable.

Encourage Artistic Engagement and Reading

Restrict television and video games while encouraging your children to read, participate in drawing, painting, storytelling, plays and other artistic activities.

Welcome Different Ideas

Give your kids ample freedom to disagree with your points of view. Encourage them to find multiple options by way of a solution.

Do Not Directly Incentivize

Stop incentivizing or rewarding children with money and gifts for every bright idea. This will lower response quality and internal flexibility of thoughts. Allow them to master various activities but make sure that they are motivated internally rather than expecting material rewards.

These tips will help you a great deal in motivating and inspiring your child to express himself/herself creatively.

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  1. Agree with all pointers you have shared here, yes, I also feel that kids should get enough freedom and creative atmosphere to think and express themselves without being feel pressurized with over controlling parental techniques.

  2. Expressive kids make their way quickly at any place in comparison to quiet kids. Also, be happier as they are heard. At this place, parent’s responsibilities come into the picture a little more to check out how they can motivate their child to be expressive as every child is different and required different techniques to apply. You have perfectly mentioned all the pointers.

  3. Like you I too can vouch for Yellow Class buddy. The variety of classes they have is unbelievable. We must spread a word about them

  4. Creativity and innovation are something that kids need to develop. This helps them give free rein to their imagination, whether it be in art, music, or any other field. These are some really engaging ideas to help kids give vent to their expression.

  5. Creativity is something that develops with inspiration and encouragement. Kids will enjoy it more when we make it a fun experience for them and not coax too much.

  6. A friend of mine has told me about this Yello buddy and it indeed sounds promising. We need to encourage our kids towards learning creatively 🙂

  7. It’s so important to give kids their space and explore their creativity. I loved the simple yet effective tips you shared.

  8. We as parents must first understand their interests and then encourage kids to learn for enjoyment and not to run in a race. Creatively involving them in such activities relaxes then pressure and also help them cope with stress.

  9. When kids get a chance to express themselves, the best version of them is seen. We as parents also get to understand our child much better when they express rather than us imposing our views n things on them.

  10. Creative expression helps the child to bring out their true emotions and what they love the most. It’s important we as parents realise this and give them opportunities to express themselves creatively. This is a much needed post

  11. These are some great pointers for kids to develop and independent thinking yet creatively expressing themselves. We as parents try to welcome new ideas of my son.

  12. Yes! it’s important to give a little freedom to the kids to express themselves. So, that they don’t feel less confident later on.

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