EdTech as a Solution to Bridge the Skill Gap

How EdTech can help make India a Global Talent Hub

India is a hub for IT and global R&D. It is also an emerging super power. Despite having added so many feathers to its cap, India continues to go backwards when it comes to education and skill-based training. While the government has made basic education free to all, the question lies in the quality of the education.

 EdTech as a Solution to Bridge the Skill Gap

How EdTech can help make India a Global Talent Hub

Indians often prefer to travel abroad in search of better education to maximize their potential. The skill and education gap can be owed to Indian curriculum being majorly theoretical in nature. The lack of practical application-based learning is a major cause of the gap between skill and education.

 EdTech as a Solution to Bridge the Skill Gap

 Indian students have to spend lakhs of rupees on foreign education and skill-based training. Yet this still makes education unavailable, inaccessible and unaffordable for many. While those who secure scholarships or those who are financially secure may travel abroad to study, the same cannot be said to the general populace.

This is where EdTech comes into the picture. Less than 2 decades ago, online education seemed like a dream for many. But today, it is revolutionizing the world. People no longer need to travel abroad to study as they can obtain the same education at home via a computer.

EdTech’s Contribution to Make India a Global Talent Hub

 EdTechs have the potential to turn into a global talent hub and also a global education hub. Going forward, NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies) estimates that by 2025 the demand for advanced skills will increase by 20X. This gives India a great opportunity to capture the global education market.

Why BYJU’S is good for BIEAP


Home grown EdTech Company and one of the largest EdTech player in the world, BYJU’S has already taken a step forward in this direction. BYJU’S has ventured into foreign markets including the US, the UK, UAE, Brazil, Indonesia, and Mexico. It is providing online coding courses in crypto currency, mathematics learning programs and other STEM subject courses in many parts across the globe. Back home BYJU’S is contributing by providing a sophisticated education platform for schools in association with Google. It is also providing interactive lessons and coding classes in India.

 In addition to BYJU’s there are many reliable online learning platforms like Coursera, Udemy and IGNOU who also offer quality online courses. Distance-education nowadays is made easier thanks to EdTech. EdTech such as BYJU’s, Coursera, Udemy and IGNOU offer a large variety of courses to choose from.

The best thing about EdTech is that it has helped make quality education affordable to the general populace. Advancements in EdTech are also helping to bridge the skill and education gap, so that learning can be more practical application oriented, rather than being simply theoretical.

Do you think EdTech has a major role in turning India into a global talent hub? Let me know in the comment section below.


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  1. EdTech is going to revolutionize the Indian education system. With pandemic, technology support in education is very clear. I don’t think, academically, things would have been under control if schools incorporated tech support in their teaching.

  2. Yes EdTech has many impressive features and surly it helps India to turning into global talent hub. during recent pandemic situation, this become more relevant as we are dependent on online and digital options for education and overall learning of our kids.

  3. This is actually great to see how EdTech is accepted in today’s education system. Byjus really clears all doubts with ease.

  4. It feels so good to see that our India is ready to witness a huge revolution in the Global talent hub industry only because of EdTech. Also getting so many good reviews about BYJU’s classes. This Pandemic has certainly given a push to our education system.

  5. EdTech effectively bridges the gap between technical knowledge and cost effectiveness. It will certainly help put India on the global map.

  6. There is a huge opportunity in the global market for Edtech and Indian companies can step in with their skilled manpower and IT prowess. Companies like Byju are trail blazing a brilliant path in this direction.

  7. Considering the present situation, EdTech is definitely the way forward. Byjus is a wonderful platform in Edtech sector.

  8. I completely feel that the Edtech in India is growing globally for the world-class education solutions they are providing the students across. And with the pandemic, this market became more lucrative for the Edtech companies as education has gone online completely for now.

  9. Byjus has done a wonderful job and India and its amazing that they are now tapping the international market. More and more kids will get an opportunity to learn n come under the Byjus umbrella.

  10. As Byju’s is spreading it’s wings in more direction it can make difference in many more lives. It is one of the best online platforms which inculcate fun with learning.

  11. Edtech is the future, the sooner we realize it the better it will be for future generations. BYJU’s is indeed making its name in the education industry.

  12. Recently heard a lot about BJYU’s and have seen many parents making their kids join them.
    They have indeed changed the education system in India.

  13. India is indeed well poised to be the global leader in Edtech. It has everything going for it, skilled human resources backed by technological expertise. Sandy N Vyjay

  14. Edtech is definitely being accepted now and coz India has such amazing talent, good to know that the advancement opportunities are amazing. BYJU’s has made it easily accessible for students.

  15. EdTech is best to connect education and technology to offer a viable solution, redefining how knowledge is imparted, and skills are acquired. Great thoughts.

  16. Wow EdTech seems like the perfect solution for upskilling the skills and learning new things. I have not tried it till now, will have a look.

  17. EdTech has many impressive and insightful features and it helps India to turn into a global talent hub. These days when we are dependant on online education, this kinda education impacts a lot of our future generation.

  18. EdTech for sure will play a major role in turning India into a global talent hub. Indians leverage technology fast and am pretty sure students want more than the conventional ways of learning. A blended approach might be the way forward.

  19. EdTechs like Byjus are doing quite well and they can act as catalysts for bringing Indian talent to global level

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