Can Online Learning Replace the School Classroom?

How To Choose The Right Online Learning Platform?

Nowadays, the world is becoming very much unpredictable and unstable. The COVID 19 pandemic is just one of the many problems that are yet to come. But amidst all of this, the persons suffering the most (without even knowing it) are the children. Why? While it is true that such catastrophes result in a great loss to the global economy and the livelihood of each individual, its most devastating blow is how it obstructs the education of children.

Children are the seeds for the future. It is our responsibility to ensure that they get the best form of education. So how can we continue to facilitate their education especially during this scenario where schools are either closed or lack quality education? The answer is ‘Online Learning’.

Can Online Learning Replace the School Classroom?

Can Online Learning Replace the School Classroom?

Online Learning is the future of education. It allows everyone to access academic resources wherever they are and whenever they want. From children to adults, online learning has helped to overcome the age barrier for learning and makes it possible for anyone to continue learning.

The school classroom restricts itself to a physical setting where students are exposed to the same, boring technique and same people. Online learning helps to rope in new techniques and attracts lots of different people, belonging to different places and cultures.

In fact, with online learning, parents can save a lot of time and money spent on their ward’s education; meaning to say that there is an efficient investment that takes place. What’s more? Individuals can continue to learn from the convenience of their homes or even while travelling; nothing can stop them from learning. The school classroom has specific timings for functioning, such is not the case for online learning. In fact, learning can happen anytime.

Online learning allows students to access the best learning resources. But most important of all, it keeps everyone safe at home and allows education to continue unobstructed; particularly during the COVID 19 Pandemic.


How To Choose The Right Online Learning Platform

It is very important that you choose the right online learning platform. People’s desperation has powered corporate giants, resulting in a variety of commercial online learning platforms. It is important that we do not get bedazzled by all the glitter and shine that these learning platforms boast. Take your time and thoroughly consider which online learning platform is right for you. But how will you be able to choose the right online learning platform? Here are 6 important factors that you seriously need to consider while choosing an online learning platform.

  • Cost Factor

The first and foremost thing to do while choosing an online learning platform is to check the cost and time involved. When it comes to cost, make sure that you do not end up overpaying for the subscription.Compare the cost of subscriptions in various online learning platforms so that you can choose the most cost effective one; the one that is worth its cost. With regard to time involved, some of us may be looking for a course that has a shorter duration for completion while others may wish for longer duration that guarantees more intensive learning.

cost effective online classes for kids

  • Course Syllabus

Though different online learning platforms may be providing the same course, the content of the course may differ. Just like how each teacher’s teaching style differs, similarly the syllabus content also differs.So, it is good to take a look at the course content and check which online learning platform’s syllabus is comprehensive and updated.It is also important to check the accreditation that the online learning platform possesses. Accreditation increases the value of the course.It is best to opt for online learning platform that offer courses accredited by top educational institutions. Also check whether the syllabus equally emphasizes practical and theoretical content; avoid courses that possess overtly theoretical syllabi.

best online learning plateform for kids

  • Resources

Next, check for the various educational resources that come with the subscriptions. Each online learning platform offers a variety of different learning resources and employs different strategies. The library of learning resources that you need to look out for include e-learning material, live chats with online class instructor or teacher, video lessons, edutainment games, quizzes and other interactive activities. Next up, check the quality of the resource library that each online learning platform offers.

  • Periodic Assessment

It is important that the course includes tests and other forms of evaluation to measure the extent of learning of its students.

  • Personalized Learning

Make sure that the online learning platform offers a truly personalized/tailor-made learning experience which can help maximize learning of the student. This involves use of various educational resources and strategies that best suit the learner, and scheduling classes such that class times are convenient for the learner.

Personalized Learning

  • Reviews

Finally, make sure that you check the user reviews for each online learning platform. This offers more insight into the reliability, quality and credibility of the online learning platform.



Irrespective of crises such as the COVID 19 pandemic, the traditional classroom learning style isn’t exactly successful nowadays. Research has shown that learning to be truly effective needs to be personalized; to suit each individual’s needs and capabilities. But the traditional classroom learning utilizes generalized teaching techniques that aren’t exactly up-to-date nor effective in the long run. GuruQ is a one stop solution to find the best tutors online from PAN India. Explore the tutors based on your requirement, schedule and budget. Click here to know more about GuruQ.

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