How to keep kids healthy during pandemic

7 workable ways to keep kids healthy during the school years

Illness in the pediatric age group can be quite challenging because children cannot be as precise as adults in expressing how they feel and what their symptoms are. Hence more attention needs to be paid on a regular basis to the child especially during the school year as the chances of contracting an infection is more in such settings. Here are

7 workable ways to keep kids healthy during the school years

Healthy Colorful Meal Plans

Children tend to consume edibles that look more attractive and catchier to their eyes even if they don’t taste that good. If you wish to introduce anything healthy but your kid does not seem to be interested in taking it the best way to introduce it would be by making them into different shapes, plate them in the form your child’s favorite animal, relate the food to a known cartoon character. The pyramid of balanced diet should always be kept in mind while planning the meal every day. Protein energy malnutrition, vitamin D deficiency, obesity, iron deficiency anemia are some common childhood illnesses that usually resolve with proper diet.

Hand Hygiene

Hands act as a major mode of transmission of infection and without proper hygiene the child is more prone to sequela of communicable diseases. It is important to teach children the steps of hand washing and encourage them to practice it regularly as a part of his/her routine. Pictures depicting hand washing can be stuck on the washing area to help them recall the steps better


By far the best initiative by the government to eradicate common childhood infections is immunization. It is important to follow up in the nearest health care center about the vaccine status of your child. Up to 5 years of age along with the booster doses the immunization status should be complete. Immediately following administration of vaccine make sure to check for signs for allergy, persistent fever for more than 2 days and swelling at the site of injection

how to boost kids immunity during pandemic


 Regular Workout

Physical fitness should be maintained from the very early stages of life. This is achieved by encouraging the child to play outdoors, enrolling them in their favorite outdoor sport coaching classes. picnic, trekking, fruit picking etc. can be exciting, interesting and also help the child stay active from time to time. However, the child is at more risk to be involved in accidents in such occasions. Special attention from the parent is warranted.

 Mental Wellness

This is more commonly due to their poor academic performance that makes the child under confident, stressed and anxious in the long term. Dyslexia, dysarthria, autism, ADHD are some common mental issues that can hinder the performance of the child. Parents should be more understanding and should patiently help the child overcome it without discouraging them further.

 Healthy Snacking

Home-made snacks are the best option for a school going child due to several reasons. The snack is free from additives, excess fat, better hygiene and can be customized according to the needs of the child without compromising on the nutrition. For parents who cannot make time to prepare them regularly organic products can be a good alternative.

Reduced Screen Time

Be it mobile phones or television, the screen time for children should be minimal. Chances of addiction to these gadgets is the most during childhood. This time can be replaced by solving puzzles, playing with toys and engaging him/her in some form of art.

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  1. Wonderful topic. With the online learning, kids are not getting much of the outdoor time. So keeping a close watch on their health is very important. I am happy that you mentioned about mental health. It plays a major role in the over health of our kids.

  2. Good points that you have mentioned. I see screentime is getting more with the kids. And the online classes. But good topic that you have chooses. Hope to make it into our daily routine.

  3. These are some important ways to keep kids safe and healthy during school years, so they grow into fit human beings.

  4. A healthy diet and regular exercise is really important to keep kids safe and fit…I loved the tips you shared its actually so much required.

  5. Some interesting and practical points here! Healthy food and enough physical activity are important for kids. And yes, hand hygiene must be insisted upon.

  6. I needed this. I am putting my best efforts to keep my toddler getting involved into every activity like yoga, exercise, educational toys etc.

  7. These are indeed very good tips to ensure kids remain healthy throughout the school year and don’t miss on learnings too. Complete nutrition seems most important along with mental wellness

  8. This is a much-needed post and indeed quite helpful too. Teaching them proper hand hygiene has to be on top of our list and needs special attention. A healthy diet is indeed important.

  9. Loved your practical points here . We need to keep kids safe and healthy so they grow into fit human beings. I also insist of keeping them mentally fit specially now.

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