How to raise an Introverted Child

7 Best Tips for Raising an Introverted Child

Not interested in mingling with other kids, keeping calm, super silent behavior, spending time in their own room is common behavior of an introvert. If you are a parent of an introverted child, this article is for you to make your parenting journey hassle free. Introversion or extroversion are just traits of one’s personality. So it is important to accept and give respect to them. If your child prefers having their own company it does not mean that your child is shy. They just want to derive the energy from within them. Introverts are very common to find and they are known to not be very socializing.

Why? Even extroverted people may need some time to open up initially. An introverted child also has some selective friends from whom they get some amount of trust and hope, and will experience comfort from. The first thing that every parent needs to remember is that you need patience in the process of raising your child.  As a parent, you need to educate yourself to understand your introverted child and accept them for whom they are. Here are

7 Best Tips for Raising an Introverted Child


Give Space

Introverts need some privacy to recharge themselves, hence they prefer solitude. What’s more? They need to be in their own space to process what they observe, i.e. to introspect. Parents generally expect their child to spend time with family on a regular basis. It does not always work that way and for introverts this may sometimes end up being overwhelming for them.

Acceptance and Acknowledgment

Everyone is not a socializing person and you need to accept that if your child is an introvert. They prefer solitude instead of being with a crowd. But they also have some friends with whom they share strong bonds. It is very important to understand and accept them as they are.

 Don’t Pressurize  

Some children don’t like attention, not everyone is a social butterfly. The introverted child is hesitant to show off their talents in front of everyone and they dislike being in the spotlight. So don’t pass comments on their introverted personality, it will make them more upset.

Give Time

If your child is not in a good mood or they are not ready to yet speak, don’t force them to speak about what is bothering them. The more pressure you put on them to speak out, the more they wish to enter solitude. So let them take their own time to come out from their shell.

How to raise an Introverted Child

Scope of Self-Expression

Encourage your introverted child to find out what they like. They can express their emotion through some art form like drawing, writing, singing or any other kind of creative means. It may also be the platform for them to express their thoughts and emotion, especially things that they don’t wish to share verbally.

Encourage the Uniqueness

Introverts feel low and out of things when the extrovert dominates them in most of the social situations. So appreciate your child for their unique personality. Tell them how talented they are and unique in their individuality. Assert that it is not shameful to be an introvert. Let them know that their strength and ability to do things are at the same level as extroverts.

Let them Take A Stand

The introverted child hesitates to speak within a short period when they meet new people for the first time. They may not be ready to mingle with them at that time. So give them some time and space to prepare themselves to speak. Instead don’t rush your introverted child to answer if anyone asks them questions.


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  1. We all have a side of us which is introvert. And talking about kids then going them their own time, letting them figuring out things and encouraging them can help an introvert child to open up.

  2. My daughter was very introvert till she was 3 and would not talk or play with any other kid. I use to try hard to take her out so she would mingle. But failed. So I put her in PG and also in after school activity classes. In a years time she changed and now, I have to stop her from talking too much with others.

  3. Every child is unique and we need to understand and give them their space to grow, your post will help so many parents who have the beautiful souls of an introverted happy child!!

  4. My little one is an introvert child, so I could co relate with all pointers. agree it is very important to give them time and enough opportunity to express themselves. behaving in a pressurized manner may affect self esteem of introvert child.

  5. We as parents do not realise but we somewhere we impose our expectations on our children. My son was initially an introvert but we have him time and space now he talks to everyone and participates in all the activities

  6. Every child is different and unique we should understand and act accordingly my daughter was one such… But with time things changed thanks hema right topic you have picked up.

  7. Kids change their attitude and develop new traits very frequently, my daughter was an introvert during her early growing years, and over time I have seen her changing into an extrovert. These tips are very relatable and helpful.

  8. That is such a helpful and beautifully written post. I so agree with these points on raising an introvert. My daughter is also an introvert and we also try to practice these points

  9. My husband is an introvert whereas I am a chatterbox. So the above mentioned points are so relatable. Introvert children and adults, both need their time and space to open up. It completely rests on us on letting them open up to us.

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